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Aura Trauma


Aura Trauma is energetic work focused on dissolving negative entities which can be lurking in your Auric Field, or as I call it, your Aura Love Bubble. The intention of these sessions is to bring your Awareness to your Aura and guide you on how to heal your energy, and then how to cleanse it and protect it. 

When you are feeling depressed, stressed out, over anxious, or worried you start to vibrate on a lower vibration. This is when the negative entities can start to feed off your energy in your Aura Love Bubble and make you feel worse and even start to affect your nervous system and make you feel ill or sick.

Structure of Work

This is an 8 week programme, where we tune in for a couple of hours each week on a specific day to do the focused energy healing work, whether online or in-person. After the sessions, we stay connected via WhatsApp / Telegram, so I can give you support whenever you need it. 


What happens in each session? 

The first thing that I work on in these sessions is to get an awareness of where the pain or discomfort is in your body and then I can have an open discussion with you about how your Aura works, how it links with your Soul and connects with your Higher-Self, and how we can work with all of these positive energies to heal your Aura Trauma. We can even activate your Aura Light Body after your Aura Trauma healing session to make you shine!

The conversation will slowly go deeper and deeper, to uncover and pinpoint the root of what can be causing the pain in your emotional body. 


Next we work on the energetic healing and clearing your Auric Love Bubble to shift and disperse the negative entities. For this to happen you need to be laying down on your bed, wearing comfortable clothes. Burning incense in the room and playing soft gentle music on the 528 Hz miracle healing frequency also assists.  Sound healing works well with healing your Aura, I can recommend guided-meditations and healing music to listen to after the session to assist with your continued Aura healing journey.  


It's important to drink plenty of water during and after the session, you can mix it with lemon essential oil to assist with the cleansing or you can also drink Green Tea. To assist with your relaxation, you can smell lavender essential oil, which I will have with me. 


I will draw out the negative entities from the parts of your body and your aura where you are feeling the discomfort and then paint the dull dark entities onto a piece of paper so they are brought out into the Light. Then, in a safe place, we can do a special Burning Ritual to dissolve these negative entities out of your Aura. 

Everything discussed in these sessions is kept private and confidential. After doing your Aura Trauma session, it is then advisable to book in for an Aura Shining experience. This will now be a lot more empowering for you because you have done your Aura Trauma healing work first. 


Who is the Aura Trauma for? 

Anyone, man or woman, who wants to learn how heal their Aura trauma, so they can start to shine once again. Shining your inner Light boosts you with good vibes so you have a more optimistic perspective about your life in general. It assists you with activating your Aura Light Body. There can be a multitude of reasons why energy is blocked in your Aura, here are just a few: 

- Shame and guilt 

- Sexual abuse 

- Insecurities about who you are and what you are doing

- Jealousy and anger in relationships

- Fear and uncertainty

- Anxiety and doubt about important life decisions

If any of these resonate with you, then Aura Trauma energy work can assist you in your well-being recover.

Click here to Book an Aura Trauma session. 

To download the free Aura Awareness App, click on this link:

Bio of Teacher 

RichArt Llover - Aura Awareness Facilitator

RichArt´s healing work all comes from his own life journey. His life story includes sexual assault, healing shame and guilt, being homeless and having to heal self-worth to become stable once again, and being bullied for 40 years by a family member to learn how to heal his aura trauma by having healthy boundaries and standing up for himself and his beliefs.

After RichArt activated his own Aura Light Body, he transformed his life and his way of living. He has now managed to sustain living in the higher vibrations for years and his guided by Spirit to do his Aura Awareness energy work. He will often see the sparkling energy of spirit present in the room when doing a session with his clients.


RichArt´s "Aura Awareness App" is where he shares important knowledge and first hand-experiences, as well as channeled information from his Higher-Self to assist in your Aura Awareness journey.  He also organises special events around the International Aura Awareness Day held in November each year.


In 2010, RichArt created his Aura Shining energy work to assist people with raising their love vibration in their Auric Field and experience the joy of shining as they have their Aura hand painted onto a t-shirt as they wear it. Knowing your Aura is real, is crucial for self-empowerment, protection and healing.


Richart also shares his guided-meditations on InsightTimer. In 2020, RichArt had a 4 page feature interviewed in the Real Lives section of Spirit & Destiny magazine, called “Painting a Brighter Future.” He was also recently interviewed in April 2022, about his Aura healing work by Mike Parry in Ibiza for Luck Life TV.


To download the free Aura Awareness App, click on this link:

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Stacy Harris
Ibiza, Spain

“I had my aura painted and it was such amazing experience, Richart is incredible at tuning in and making you feel at ease and relaxed such enjoyable experience and love my our painting super insightful as well as my power animal shone through as well thank you."

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