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Image by Vladyslav Cherkasenko
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Aura Shining story

In 2023, Richart started to paint his own shining Aura onto canvas. He started to create stunning works of art that capture the essence of an enlightened radiant Aura shining in it's fullness. People feel attracted to the energy of these paintings, drawn towards them to discover wonderful new things about themselves as they look at the paintings.


Aura Shining paintings are a great way to visualise the invisible. Once you can see the Auric energy, you slowing start to believe it is real. Once your subconscious mind knows it is real, your whole life changes as you start to instantly manifest more of what you are.


In November 2022, Richart decided to support Cancer charities, after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. 

Aura Awareness

Everyone has an Aura, but very few people know what it actually is? 


It is always best to think of your Aura in terms of energy, frequency and vibration, not just colours. Your Aura is scientifically known as your Auric Field. It is an electromagnetic field of energy that can attract or repel other forms of energy. It is your natural energetic power which you have had since birth. We live in a very negative environment and if we don't know that we have a giant electromagnetic field of energy around us, we are unaware that WE are attracting the negative energy into our lives!


As soon as we are aware that we have this giant electromagnetic field of energy around us, then we can change everything in our lives. It all comes from Aura Awareness. With this awareness, parents can transform the lives of their children too. 


Before you can master your Aura, first you have to clean it of all the negative crap you've accumulated since birth, like negative thought patterns, negative beliefs, and self-sabbotaging mind programmes , which have all manifested into Aura Trauma. 

We attract what we are, not what we we want, so if we don´ t heal all of our Aura Trauma, all the crap that is in our giant electromagnetic field of energy, known as our Aura, then we will continue attracting shit energy for the rest of our lives. 

Your Aura & The Law of Integrity 

Your Aura is also connected to the Law of Integrity. This means that whenever you do something which is ethically wrong to you, you feel it in every cell of you body. 

You feel uncomfortable, you feel out of balance, you feel out of sorts, with a negative vibe. You can even feel sick and unwell, and it might also lead to your premature death. 


Your Aura gives off different vibes, sharing valuable information with you about different organs in your body as each one has an auric field. But, the problem is that most of us don´ t know how to interpret this information and ignore it instead.


The main problem with Aura Awareness is that when you mention Auras, most people immediately think of colours and ridicule anything else about them as being airy fairy! But the truth of the matter is that practically your whole survival depends upon maintaining the integrity of the flow of energy into your magnetic field, otherwise known as your Aura! 

Taking Responsibility for Own Your Life 

As a terminal cancer patient, I take responsibility for my own ill health. I am not a victim of cancer, it is not "unfair" that a spiritual loving person like me should suddenly get terminal cancer. 


You see for the last 6 months since I have been diagnosed with terminal cancer, it has given me plenty of time to think about what lead to the time of me being diagnosed. Since my awakening in 2010, I started to see the world differently. Instead of seeing that things were randomly happening to me, I started to see my life as a journey of my Soul. Life was an experience to learn something new about myself, to gain deeper insights and awareness into Self. I feel that I am constantly being tested and that these Universal Tests, when passed lead to new enlightened levels of consciousness where you experience your reality from a different perspective. So with this in mind, I take responsibility for manifesting my own terminal cancer because I had accumulated years of shit energy in my Aura which I wasn't able to clean out properly. Back then I was also unaware of the actual effect of my electromagnetic field. 

In the early 2000, I had become addicted to some very low vibrational energies when I started taking recreational party drugs and going to sex clubs.  It was a very wild and decadent time of my life, but one which set me on a course to where I am today. Over the years I tried to restore my energetic field back to its purity, but without success. In 2010, I embraced on my spiritual journey into the Light, but no-one told me that at the same time I would be opening up channels into the dark side as well and the I would be confronted with all my demons. It wasn't until many years later, around 2020 that I started to learn about my dark-side and how to heal it so it wouldn't destroy my life completely.

By 2022, I had got to stage where I was not drinking alcohol about 80% of my time. Since 2014, I had stopped taking any form of recreational party drugs. But my body and my mind, where addicted to the feeling of the "Kick" and every so often I would find myself alone with some extra cash in my pocket and I would start binge drinking and smoking, until I was super drunk and get that high. Of course, this type of behaviour was slowly destroying my cells and having a very negative effect on my body. For a few days, I would feel fucking amazing, then I would go into a downer, but the long-term effects on my body were far more serious. On top of this, because my sexual addiction, over time, this developed into a porn addiction as it became freely available on the internet by around 2010. 

Today I can see porn for what it truly is, a very low vibrational energy that distorts our perspective of women and the Sacred Feminine. It can take over your mind and give you a very negative impression of women, it can stop you from socialising, it can take away your confidence and as man, it can reduce your life force energy. It is a danger to humanity. 

So since being diagnosed with terminal cancer, I feel that I have been "desexed" as I have to wear a catheter because my bladder doesn't work properly, but this has also forced me to stop having sex as well as masturbating with myself. And I am on a hormone therapy that stops the testosterone being formulated in my testicles, as that is what creates the cancer in my body, it is no coincidence that the prostate is also connected with ejaculation. But this hormone therapy also stops me from even thinking about sex! 

The Age of Honesty: Apple Pie

So when I am being totally honest with myself, I know that I brought the terminal cancer on myself and now from this perspective I am aware that I can also heal it myself. 

This is the power of Aura Awareness, without this perspective you become a victim and start believe it is unfair that this happened to you. But the more I accept my own responsibility in this matter, the more I tune in with the Law of Integrity and know that this way of thinking is correct. 


I even had a very funny experience recently when I was living in a care home. In the morning, one of the Carers came in and asked me what I wanted for lunch the next day? I had two options; the vegetarian or the normal version. The normal version was stacked high with sugar as the pudding consisted of apple pie covered in custard. In that moment, I felt an overwhelming desire for fish and chips with apple custard so I ordered it. Sneakily, I thought "Well nobody will know!" and felt a twinge in my Aura as though something wasn't quite right.

Later that day, I put forward a pitch for Kindred Spirit magazine about Aura Awareness and after that I put up a post on my Instagram page about the importance of having a clean Aura. Then in the early evening, I was totally shocked when the same Carer came into my room and asked me again what I wanted for lunch the next day? She seemed to have no recollection that she had already been in earlier and asked me.  But in that moment, I realised that the Universe was giving me a second chance.  A second chance to abide by the Law of Integrity and to walk my talk.

So I quickly changed my order and went for the vegetarian opinion with a apple for pudding instead. But more than that, from that day onwards, I became started to focus on maintaining the integrity of the flow of energy into your electromagnetic field, otherwise known as my Aura. 

So there is no surprise that this information is coming to light now as we are living in the age of honesty, a time when transparency and accountability are crucial for any company to exist. Walking your talk, is the only way to be an entrepreneur and have your own successful business. And learning about your Aura and doing the inner healing working to clear out your trauma , so you can be a conscious awake human being who resonates on the frequency of love, is the only way to have real long lasting friendships and even long-lasting relationships. 

The Solution

From my perspective it is all about Aura Awareness. 


For example, Auras have boundaries and once you are aware of them, you can then consciously choose what you wish to let in and what you wish to keep out. It is very empowering when you activate your right to say "No" or for when you make a stand for what you know feels right within you.


The world is changing, thousands of people are waking up everyday and realising that they hold the power within their Auric Field. When you start to shine because your Aura is clean and you act from a place of integity, then you can start to instantly manifest more of what you are. This is what is happening in my life as I am starting to attract more goodness into my life. I am now living less in survival and more in a stable and secure environment, surrounded with really good friends who love and support me, as I do for them. I have chosen to only eat clean food, as much as I can. I am very choosy as to who I make friends with, as they have to be people who are working hard on cleaning their Aura. It is my right to listen to my Aura and understand what it is communicating, so as to make empowering decisions about my life. 

My Aura Awareness was triggered by an Apple Pie, so keep an eye out for what happens to you, when you are asked by the Universe to walk your talk.

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