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Aura Shining Experience

Treat Yourself, you are worth it

  • 1 hour
  • 89
  • Whitehill

Service Description

Being aware of your Aura is very important because you are a multidimensional being who can travel the Cosmos, but for now you have chose to inhabit your sacred body temple and be here with us on planet Earth. Therefore, honouring your Aura and knowing it is real is a great gift for yourself! It will definitely make your Aura Shine! ​ This is an in-person experience. What happens when your Aura shines? You feel your inner connection with the Divine so you can shine! Your Aura Light Body will be activated and you will feel the love joy peace bliss as you start to vibrate on a higher frequency and feel your inner Light shining. You will feel magnificent! ​ When you are celebrating your Birthday, the experience is linked to your astrological sign, so that we honour your arrival here on planet Earth and acknowledge your life's work so far, so your Aura can shine! ​ What happens during the session? Through guided-meditation, I take you on a deep journey into your Aura, so you connect with your Light Body and become activated so you can shine your Light in the darkness. When you feel your Divine Connection with All That Is, you feel the immense joy, love, appreciation, kindness, compassion and bliss of shining your Light. ​ When this happens, I hand paint it onto you. Overview of Structure Introduction into Aura Awareness and how your Aura works Setting intentions for the session Followed by a Cacao Ceremony to feel more grounded and present. Hands-on guided-mediation so you can relax and enjoy being in moment. Activation of your Aura Light Body Aura Painting starts Time for reflection and sharing to talk about any emotional energy that may come up. ​ You need to Bring It's important to wear comfortable relaxed clothes. You also need to bring a black T-shirt onto which you can have your Aura energy painted. A bottle of water and a hanger for your garment to dry out on, when you go home.

Contact Details

  • Whitehill, Bordon, UK

    07543 752272

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