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"All Hallows Eve"

"All Hallows Eve" hand painting by Richart

"All Hallows Eve" is an expression of the Spirit in the Aether on Halloween. This hand-painted acrylic artwork, painted onto three separate canvases together.

On October 31st 2021, I was living in Villarmarxante in Spain on All Hallows Eve. painted the spirit of Aether when

I always paint when I feel powerful emotions in my body, this gives me a sign that I am connecting with Spirit in the Aether and something wants to be expressed onto canvas through my painting. I then start painting in a rapid frenzy as I let the energy out onto the canvas. You can see this when you zoom into the image.

One can see an eye appearing on the right-hand side and the shape of mouth below. It's very abstract, but some kind of spirit coming through this artwork. To get a greater understand of this painting, view the following video on his YouTube channel:

Size of canvas: 150cm x 70cm x 2cm
Will be Framed
Price: Euro 19,000 (excludes VAT, postage and packing)
Rental price: Euro 800 per month


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