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What You Need to Know About Your Aura When Bringing Up Kids

I want you to think of your Aura as an invisible magnetic field of energy which surrounds your body. It is something which is felt, rather than seen. Both you and your kids have one. Parents who tend to think negatively about life in general will attract more negativity into their lives and their negative Aura will affect their kids. But if they start paying attention to their Aura, they can learn how to improve its vibe so their kids get the best out of them. So here are three things you need to know about your Aura when bringing up kids.

Firstly, as a parent, be aware that your thoughts are energetic vibrations which come from your Aura, so keep them as positive as you can when being with your kids. Without you saying anything, your kids can pick up on your vibe. They will feel good being around you when you are thinking positively about them and your partner most of the time.

Secondly, because your Aura acts like a magnet, it can attract all types of different energy, both negative and positive. As a parent you are a role model to your kids, so you need to make sure you aren´t attracting dirty negative energy to your Aura as your kids will notice it. If you get a dirty Aura it can affect your kids in a negative way, often without you being aware of it. Children are very sensitive to your vibes. If you start lying to your kids or are hiding any addictions, your Aura will get out of balance and your kids will know something is wrong because they can feel it in their own Aura too. They can easily get confused and think this negative energy is their own. By doing this, you are encouraging your children to keep secrets as well and to behave in a deceitful way which can lead to all sorts of problems in their adult life.

Keeping your Aura clean and protected comes down to building your integrity and living by it. Walking your talk. So have open and honest conversations with your kids about life. Focus on being a positive role model for your children in the way you handle your emotions because they are expressions of your Aura. The more integrity you have, the better quality of life you can create for your kids.

And lastly, you need to teach your children about the importance of being aware of other people's Auras, especially strangers. It is important that you teach them to pay attention to the vibes that they feel from people, not to ignore them. Vibes from someone´s Aura are a simple way of feeling if that person can be trusted or not. Sometimes strangers can say lovely things to children, but their vibes might be telling them a completely different story. So teach your kids that if a stranger's Aura doesn´t feel right when talking with them, then they should feel OK with saying "No" to any requests to join them and confiendently walk away.

For so long now, the Aura has been given such little importance in people's lives. But children are naturally sensitive to the vibes of others, especially adults who are hiding their negative emotions. So if you have the courage to work on your Aura and keep it clean whilst being a parent, you then have a great opportunity to inspire your kids to behave in a responsible and transparent way, that encourages them to become adults who live with integrity and who have strong ethical values based upon their positive experiences as kids.

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