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What is a Kundalini Awakening?

Updated: May 9, 2022

Your Kundalini Awakening is an energy shift which happens within your Auric Field. It is part of activating your Aura Light Body to empower you and is therefore an essential part of walking your Aura Awareness Path.

Kundalini awakening describes the process of activating the dormant primal life force energy that rests at the base of the spine. Kundalini is a Sanskrit word that is often translated as “coiled one,” referring to the analogy of the energy as a coiled serpent waiting to be awakened. The root of the word, kunda, means “pot,” “pitcher” or “basin,” representing a receptacle holding the energy.

When awakened, kundalini rises up through the chakras, following the spinal column from the root chakra through to the crown chakra, opening and activating each.

The sensation of an electric current moving up the spine is a popular description of the kundalini experience.

What happens during Kundalini awakening?

Kundalini is said to rise up from the muladhara chakra through sushumna (the central channel) inside or along the spine, to the top of the head when awakened.

Kundalini is thought to move through the chakras, achieving various stages of awakening and mystical experiences until it reaches the Sahasrara or crown chakra, in the head. Then it produces an incredibly deep shift in awareness.

Kundalini awakening benefits

- Leaves you feeling at peace.

- Increases IQ level and creativity.

- Develops a better sense of sound and sight.

- Develops a feeling of purification.

- Enhances one's psychic abilities.

- Develops compassion and empathy.

- Slows down the process of aging.

- Develops a blissful perception of "Aum" inside the ears.

- You start attracting situations or people into your life with your thoughts.

- Increases spiritual connection.

Caution! Kundalini awakening can get intense

When the floodgates open, Kundalini cannot be held back.

Hence it's a good idea to seek advice from an enlightened guru.

Kundalini awakening may be both energizing and frightening.

Simply attempting to awaken Kundalini without a suitable environment might be foolish and harmful.

A Kundalini Awakening can be experienced when you are having your Aura Shining Experience, but then you are always in the safe hands of Richart Llover. For more information, visit

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