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Transforming Your Aura Vibes

I want you to think of your Aura as an invisible magnetic field of energy which surrounds your body. It is something which is felt, rather than seen.

People who tend to think negatively about life in general will attract more negativity into their lives and their negative Aura will affect those about them. But if they start paying attention to their Aura, they can learn how to improve its vibe so their friends, their partner and their colleagues, get the best out of them.

Always think of your Aura in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. It is so much more than simply being colourful. As energy, your Aura can express itself through your body in a multitude of different ways. Firstly, the energy can be felt as emotions which come from your stomach. Have you ever had a gut feeling which you just know is right? Secondly, you can get a sense, a strong knowing or intuitive feeling that you know is correct, and when asked, it is. These are some of the ways that your aura speaks to your body through vibration.

The problem is that most of us don 't know that our Aura exists, don´t know what it is and don't know how it works. Because we live in a world that tends to be more negative than it is positive, it means that the majority of us have been immersed into a low vibrational negative state of consciousness, without even being aware of it! By the time we´ve reached our 40´s or 50´s, this negative vibe can start affecting our outlook on life, our health and sense of well-being and feeling of self-empowerment and self-worthiness. But the good news is that we can start changing all of this when we start believing in our Aura and working on changing it´s vibe.

First step is to be aware that your Aura is an electroMAGNETIC field of energy that attracts similar types of energy. Like attracts Like. So if your Aura is full of negative energy, then you need to clean it. The second step is that you are going to be confronted with your Aura Trauma and will have to face your darkside, stuff you have been hiding away for years and ignoring, pretending it doesn't exist. But your Aura Trauma will show up in your life every time you are triggered by something or someone. It will manifest in your life as jealousy, anger, competitiveness, hate, worries, doubts, shame, guilt, frustration, etc. When your Aura Trauma is healed and cleaned, then it won´t show up any more. It will have been transformed into love.

The final step is that once all your Aura Trauma has been healed and cleaned, then your Aura has transformed into your Aura Love Bubble. Like attracts Like. Now you´ll start attracting more love into your life. More loving and caring people. More loving situations where people go the extra mile for you. You´ll meet your soul mate and the love of your life. Things will manifest quickly from your heart´s desire. You´ll be surrounded by love, as it is a reflection of the love that is vibrating from your Aura.

For so long now, the Aura has been given such little importance in people’s lives. But once you start becoming aware of your Aura and working on transforming it´s vibe, you´ll start to notice a big difference in your life. This is because everyone picks up on vibes, whether they are conscious of them or not. When your vibe is cleaned and shining, then people will know there is something genuine and special about you. They will want to get to know you and invite you into their lives.

So if you have the courage to work on your Aura and keep it clean, then you have a great opportunity to inspire people in your networks to act with integrity so that their general attitude and behaviour towards others significantly improves, as you enjoy living in your new Aura Love Bubble.

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