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Aura Shining: Tantra for Women in Ibiza

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

For many years tantric experiences in Ibiza have been mainly confined to specific retreats or festivals, but now you can experience very deeply loving and soulful tantric experiences with Richart Llover simply by booking your experience online at any time through his website.

But before we dive into what makes his work so special let's first all take a look at what tantra is?

What is tantra?

You maybe thinking that tantric experiences are only sexual, but don't worry about that either because tantra is a practice that helps people open their heart and connect on a deeper Soul level. It's actually about creating deeper intimacy with yourself, your partner and your community around you.

So tantra is not just about sex, it's about feeling oneness and a deeper connection which can also be applied to sexuality. Tantra is a massive practice of which sexuality is one part of it. It´s also important to be aware that Sex is commonly used as an abbreviation to refer to sexual intercourse. Whereas your sexuality refers to the total expression of who you are as a human being, your femaleness or your maleness.

So how is tantra applied to the Aura Shining experience?

First of all you keep your clothes on! Sorry to disappoint you! If you want to take them off, then best that you book the tantric naked body painting experience instead. But everything else with the Aura Shining experience is a deeply loving and personal.

First you will be having your private experience somewhere outside in nature in a beautiful remote area of island, either overlooking the sea, on a beach or even in a cave! Whatever suits you, everything is possible!

Once we've settle and found the perfect spot to sit down, then, your private experience starts with a heart warming Cacao Ceremony to gently support you with being present and still in the eternal moment. Richart use 100% pure cacao powder mixed with nutmeg, cinnamon and a sprinkle of Pimento red pepper powder to spice it up. He also adds doTerra lavender essential oil to help with calming and a dash of Wild Orange to give a mellow flavour. During this ceremony you set your intentions for this experience as we honour the Great Spirits who have come to join us.

Then if you wish, you can receive an Oracle Reading on any subject or concern that is troubling you in your life. Richart reads from the Chinese book of wisdom known as the I Ching, the Book of Changes. This can assist you with getting greater clarity of mind and receiving knowledge of how to best handle situations with superior levels of consciousness.

Once this element has been completed, you then rise together. Richart stands next to you and places his warm hand on your chest. He does this to channel high vibrational Divine Love vibes as he takes you on a deep journey into Self through his guided-meditations. His meditations are now available for free on InsightTimer, the world's leading online platform for spiritual practices.

The intention of this guided-mediation is for you to feel a greater sense of Oneness and a deeper connection with your inner Divine Lover (your Soul). The final element of this unique and authentic experience comes with Richart hand-painting your radiant aura onto a T-shirt as you wear it. Special fabric paints are used so that this work of art can be cherished for a lifetime.

Richart uses a special soft tapping technique to paint with his fingers onto your T-shirt. This combined with the reiki energy channelling, the guided-meditation, the Cacao ceremony and being in nature, can give a very high vibrational deeply loving experience. It is a beautiful tantric experience that fills you with love as you feel connected to everything around you! Here is a testimonial from a very happy client.

Happy Customer testimonial "My session with Richart, I'd say was a sweet blend of sensuality and coaching. Throughout the whole session I felt Richart was completely present with me and helped me to relax and be myself.

We started off by talking, which was very helpful. Richart is a great listener and a really good coach. Then we moved onto the really lovely tantric meditation that helped me unblock some patterns held in my subconscious and to open up for the beautiful Gift of the tantric body painting. His touch is so present, very gentle yet firm and really really warm.

I totally recommend this to anyone who wants to explore their sensuality, be taken care of like a Goddess and shine. Thank you Richart!" Kamila Lukasik.

You can arrange an appointment with Richart Llover at any time in Ibiza by chatting on WhatsApp or Telegram (0034 641.825.606) and you can then book your appointment online via our Online Booking system, remember to choose the tab "In Person in Ibiza"


Free guided-mediations are available through InsightTimer

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