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Aura Trauma: Mass Debate on Sex

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Since going deeper on my inner healing journey regarding my own sexual healing, it's become clear to me that there is actually a major problem in the world regarding sex, self-love and sexuality.

By this I mean being vulnerable, opening up, and holding the space so men and women can talk to each about sex and still feel safe and protected. We need to be able to enjoy the pleasure of being open and sharing without fear of it leading to unwanted advances.

Sex is an incredibly powerful energy force and the more we surpress our sexual emotions by making sexual conversations between men and women taboo, then the more we block and disempower ourselves.

Liberation through Conversation

As a Gemini, communication is fundamentally important to my sense of wellbeing, the more open and vulnerable we are with each other, the more I can understand and empathise with you. My intentions are firmly rooted in Divine Love and wishing the very best for you as I live by the Golden Rule "Do unto others as you would wish them to do unto you."

I know that some men don't live by this rule, but they are not me. Remember that, it's time for us to heal.

Because of my own sexual experiences, healing process and the healing work I am doing, I am able to have these open-minded energy boosting and uplifting sexual conversations with women, and hold the sacred space so we feel safe together.

By allowing to feel the beautiful energy being released from your sexual organs and rising up through your body temple to your Crown chakra at the top of your head, you are charging up your Light body. This is the key to sacred sexual healing between men and women.

Freedom comes from embracing your inner Divine Lover

I realise now my role is to guide women on how to embrace your inner Divine Lover (your Soul) and to start feeling safe and comfortable to have conversations around sex, sexuality and self-love (masturbation) without feeling shame, guilt or fear of what might happen when you do, when you are with me.

Embracing your inner Divine Lover is about empowering yourself to have healthy boundaries. Through my work, I am encouraging you to feel strong enough to have the courage to speak up for yourself and tell men "No" without feeling shame or guilt.

To normalise sexual debate with one another, can only happen when healthy boundaries are in place and honoured. This is essential to our wellbeing and that's why I am creating a safe play area, where we can work together on building trust.

By embracing our inner Divine Lover and talking about pleasure in this way, we allow ourselves to discover the magnificence of soul sex. This unleashes our inner power and charges up our Light Being.

Holding the Space to Shine!

Because of this awareness, I am now creating a safe space away from social media, where we can connect on a daily basis and open up with each other to talk about soul sex, sexuality and self-love. The intention is to remove sex talk from the taboo list, so these conversations become part of our daily lives, charging us up and empowering us to be free.

This sacred safe play space will come in the form of an online private members App and retreats and workshops held in ibiza.

Through the App, you'll be able to access online courses, webinars and receive mentoring programmes to support your sexual healing and explorational journey deeper into pleasuring your Self and rising in love.

I am also teaming up with a number of women Healers, here in Ibiza to offer different types of deeper sexual healing for women and, as we discover how to embrace our inner Divine Lover to unleash our true power and shine as Beings of Light.

Coming Soon

In April 2022, I am launching the private members Aura Shining App, which with your participation, can path the way for true Self Empowerment between men and women as we Rise in Love together. So don't be shy, just walk through the door of fear and talk to me about wishing to be part of this Aura Shining community.


WhatsApp / Telegram: 0034 641.825.606

Join the Waiting List and start preparing to Rise in 💞 Love Together. It is possible in 2022.

Big hug,

Richart Llover

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