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Aura Awareness: The Surprises of Living with Aura Painting

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Each month I am opening up and sharing insights about my life which I have been healing over the the years so that I can be a more compassionate, empathic and authentic human being.

You might be surprised, but for many years I actually felt sexually blocked because of my Aura Painting energy work!

In 2010, my life shifted as I received the Call to start doing Aura Painting healing work. I feel lucky to have been a man blessed with love. Between 2010 and 2019, I had a number of intimate long-term relationships all of which failed mainly because I was with women who became very jealous of the people I was painting. Of course, it took me a while to understand what was actually going on. I was always very professional and knew my boundaries, but my partner would always get jealous. I did my best to reassure them, but it was never enough. One partner even wanted me to stop doing my aura painting all together! But why did they get so jealous? And why were they so insecure?

It would lead to problems with our sex life and eventually the jealousy would get so bad that the relationship ended. Another side effect from having so many failed personal relationships in this time period due to my Aura Painting work, is that it started to make me feel that I should just give up Aura Painting altogether! It didn't seem worth it. But over time I have realised that when you live your Calling, you have to make personal sacrifices as this is the path to Self-Mastery.

I feel that I was given this Gift to share with others because in order to fully embrace it, first I had to fully love myself and everything that I do and everything that I stand for. Self-Love. Freedom and being Authentic.

I had kickback from everyone in my life when I decided to do Aura Painting. Kickback from intimate partners, kickback from my family, from my close friends, and kickback from people who didn't even know. People joked about my work, they said really horrible things about me as a person, they tried to shame me, and then shunned me out of their lives as if there was something wrong with me.

Once I decided to fully love myself for the beautiful soul I am, I was then able to trust that the Universe would support me, no matter how tough things got. I had to work really hard on my inner healing. I had to work hard on reprogramming my subconscious mind. That was when everything started to change.

From my experience of being The Aura Painter, I've been living a life in the flow, trusting more and more in the Universal Forces and less in my ego to run the show. Having this level of trust in the unknown is frightening at first, but once you get the hang of it you become aware that it's just an expression of your authentic self.

Today I am proud to be The Aura Painter. It's taken me a long time to really feel that this is my role in this world. But the more that I embrace it, the more that I become aware of why I have been chosen.

Today my friends appreciate me more because I am The Aura Painter. They are genuinely interested in the energy work I am doing. And any potential partner has to accept me 100% for who I am and what I do.

When I first started doing my Aura Painting, I didn't know anything about tantra. I just started doing Aura Painting and people loved it! Over the years, as I met more and more tantric people who told me that what I was doing and the way I live my life is very tantric because of the deepness of my being, the openness of Soul and immense joy and love you can feel from the experience of being with me. But for me, it is my natural state of being.

Today, living in freedom, I know that my Aura Painting work as more is healing for your Heart & Soul. It's a soft gentle experience that nourishes your heart and soul at a deep cosmic level. It's graceful, it's present, it´s empowering, it's protecting, it's guiding. It's an honouring of your Authentic Self.

Once you can rise above the lower vibrations of jealousy, shame and guilt, which you have been conditioned to be, then you exit the Matrix and you step into the higher vibrations to discover your freedom.

Today I am aware that the rewards of being The Aura Painter, make the journey worth while for every step of the way.

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