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How does the Astral layer of your Aura work?

In this Blog Series, I am going to go into more detail regarding the different layers of your Auric Field and how they relate to your chakras.

Here are look at the first layer known as the Astral Layer or Fourth Layer of your Aura is associated areas of expression on a physical, emotional and mental level and is related to your Fourth (Heart) Chakra.

This Layer is called the bridge between the denser or lower vibrations of the physical plane and the finer or higher vibrations of the spiritual planes. In other words not only is it the dividing line but it also connects the lower three layers with the higher three. It is the layer within your Aura through which all energy must pass when going from one world to the other. Virtually all healing energy comes through the Astral layer. It is the layer of love both specific and universal, and the first of the spiritual layers.

The Astral body is amorphous and is composed of clouds of color. This colorful gaseous layer extends between 30 centimeters (one foot) to approximately 45 centimeters (one and a half feet) beyond your physical body. This astral layer is a very important part of your energy body as it connects you with higher dimensions of reality. It is the doorway to the Astral plane.

It is important to heal any Aura Trauma so you can empower yourself.


Layer of Auric Field: Forth layer - Astral or Buddhic

Expression of Consciousness: "I desire according to my beliefs."

What are your needs on this level? It marks the division between the physical and higher layers. Interaction between people. Love and relationships with others, yourself, your body and God, "The All That Is".

Chakra: Anahata (heart) Chakra

Negative Belief Structure: Desires to be superior.

Effect of negative belief in the Body: Blocks in astral layer, dark forms - heaviness on chest or heart, stagnated energy.

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