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Aura Awareness: Powerful Manifestations

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Now available on InsightTimer

Richart Llover
Embrace your inner Divine Lover: Powerful Manifestations

This beautiful guided-meditation takes you on a deep journey into your self, so you can reconnect with your inner Light and discover the powerful manifestation techniques that assist you with transforming your current life into the one you have always wanted.

I guide you to a magic door deep within you, a sacred place where you can go to and use your powerful imagination combined with your feelings and the original version of the Moses Code to unlock your white magic. This is why I have created this GUIDED-MEDITATION on INSIGHTIMER to assist you with feeling safe and protected, so you start to empower yourself.

Aura Awareness: Manifestation Powers

Over the coming months, I am going to be releasing more Guided-Mediations regarding how to become empowered in your manifestations so you can live a more abundant, healthy and wealthy life surrounded by people you love.

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Having your Aura Shining experience guides you on how to embrace your inner Divine Lover ... so you can feel the magnificent energy of Divine Love within you ... and with this knowing, you can tap into it at any time to heal your emotions and to Rise in Love.

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