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Aura Awareness: It's time to start loving yourself

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

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Knowing how to love yourself takes time. You need too deeply connect with yourself and embrace your inner Divine Lover, so you can stop feeling unworthy, unloved and unappreciated and start rising in Love!

Throughout your life you will have negative experiences which can lead to emotional trauma affecting both your mind and your body. Sometimes the emotional trauma becomes so bad that you hide it all away in your shadow side thinking that you've got rid of it, but in actual fact it is still there! Because you don't heal it, it is still manifesting really negative energy into your life. This energy can block you through shame, guilt, jealousy and fear ... to the point that you become trapped in your comfort zone, no longer able to go out and play with others, in fear of what they might say or think of you! You've become a prisoner of your own mind.

I created this guided-mediation to assist you with opening up and reconnecting with your heart and Soul in a divinely loving way so you can start to feel deeply loved and appreciated again. It's so important to be aware that the love we feel from others is also the love that we feel coming from within us. It's a reflection of your projection. So the more you do your inner healing work and start loving yourself deeply, so the more you start to project this onto others and so people are more loving towards you. What you give out, is what you get back.

This is why you really don't want to be hanging out with toxic people who just want to push you down or find your weaknesses so they can trigger you and cause you unnecessary suffering. And this year, more and more people are becoming aware of this! It is so nice to be around people who nourish and uplift your energy. People who are embracing their own inner Divinity so as to be more sensual, more loving and more caring to each other. Just because we are currently living in a toxic masculine world, doesn't mean that we have to be it. When we do our inner healing and start loving ourselves fully, we are walking a path to co-creating a new Earth realm which is immersed in love.

Divine Love supports you.

Divine Love guides you.

Divine Love protects you.

Divine Love Empowers you.

Embrace Your Inner Divine Lover: It's Time to Start Loving Yourself

This is an active mediation so listen in carefully. I am using the original version of the Moses Code which is "I am that, I am" in all my guided meditations and in my private Aura Shining experiences here in Ibiza.

During the guided-mediation you place your left hand on your solar plexus chakra and your right hand on your heart chakra, and you breath in when you say "I am that..." and breath out when you say "I am". At the same time, you tap your fingers on your heart chakra to bring your conscious awareness into this part of your body which is all about Oneness, whereas the energy of your mind is associated with duality. This is how you use the Moses Code to empower yourself and manifest positive things into your life.

For best results, do this guided meditation 3 times per week for 21 days.

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Having your Aura Shining experience guides you on how to embrace your inner Divine Lover ... so you can feel the magnificent energy of Divine Love within you ... and with this knowing, you can tap into it at any time to heal your emotions and to Rise in Love.

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