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Aura Trauma: Healing sexual trauma

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Now Available on InsightTimer

Rape has the most devastating impact on your life, especially if it is left unchecked and unhealed.

This can happen because of the shame that rape has attached to it, and more often than not, it happens with someone who you trust. When someone violates your personal space without your consent, then you feel powerless, not only in the moment, but for years and years afterwards. It can destroy your self-worth, self-confidence and basically every aspect of living a normal life.

And it is also important to remember that this is not something which only happens to women, it can also happen to men too. Masculine toxic energy is rife in our world and is destroying people's lives, but we can stop this by doing our inner healing work.

By bringing our traumatic experiences out into the light, they no longer have any power over us, they can no longer lead to self-sabotaging behaviours. This is why I have created this GUIDED-MEDITATION on INSIGHTIMER to assist you with feeling safe and protected, so you start to empower yourself.

Over the coming months, I am going to be releasing more Guided-Mediations regarding how to heal the emotions related to rape, so that you feel more and more empowered to rise in love and feel strong and empowered once again.

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Having your Aura Shining experience guides you on how to embrace your inner Divine Lover ... so you can feel the magnificent energy of Divine Love within you ... and with this knowing, you can tap into it at any time to heal your emotions and to Rise in Love.

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