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Aura Awareness: Aura Cleansing

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

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Embrace your inner divine lover
Aura Cleansing

The sooner you can do your inner healing work and start cleansing your Aura of toxic energy and healing your emotions, the less of a roller coaster ride, life is.

And this year, more so than ever, you are going to be triggered by things which are happening in the world, as well as by things which are happening in your own life. But being able to embrace your inner Divine Lover, enables you to detach from the outer world and go inward to face whatever needs to be healed.

The beauty is that once we do our inner healing, we can start projecting our love onto others. We start seeing the Goodness in others... we can only create from a place of love... and we can only work with others who are also on a similar loving vibe.

You can no longer accept the masculine toxic energy being projected at you from others in your life anymore. You see how narcissistic people twist and turn things to put you down and you don't accept it any more. Your boundaries become stronger. Your inner power says it all. Doing your inner healing transforms your life so you take back your power. You trust your intuition to guide you through the darkness and back into the Light.

Everyone is being confronted this year with the choice. Do you want to continue living in fear, or do you want to start rising in love?

Divine Love supports you.

Divine Love guides you.

Divine Love protects you.

Divine Love Empowers you.

Embrace Your Inner Divine Lover: Aura Cleansing

This is an active mediation so listen in carefully. I am using the original version of the Moses Code which is "I am that, I am" in all my guided meditations and in my private Aura Shining experiences here in Ibiza.

During the guided-mediation you place your left hand on your solar plexus chakra and your right hand on your heart chakra, and you breath in when you say "I am that..." and breath out when you say "I am". At the same time, you tap your fingers on your heart chakra to bring your conscious awareness into this part of your body which is all about Oneness, whereas the energy of your mind is associated with duality. This is how you use the Moses Code to empower yourself and manifest positive things into your life.

For best results, do this guided meditation 3 times per week for 21 days.

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Having your Aura Shining experience guides you on how to embrace your inner Divine Lover ... so you can feel the magnificent energy of Divine Love within you ... and with this knowing, you can tap into it at any time to heal your emotions and to Rise in Love.

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