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Aura Shining: Birthday Ideas for Her

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

One of the best gifts that you can give yourself or a very good friend, is a tantric experience that nourishes your Mind, Body and Soul.

Tantra for women in Ibiza
Aura Shining Ibiza - t-shirt

On your Birthday it is important to do something which really celebrates your life! So why not have a very unique and special tantric experience which touches your Soul and nourishes you with divine love in a gentle way.

The Aura Shining experience is unique in that it is both an inner and an outer experience.

You see your whole life is an inner journey, where you discover how to connect with people around you in your outer world. Most presents you receive on your Birthday are material things that make you look better in the outer world, but this one is about feeling better in the outer world. The feel good factor of most of normal presents tend to last for a short time until the next thing comes along. But a really great Birthday present is something which makes you think about yourself and your life in a deeper way. It is something which has a positive effect on your actual presence, your way of being. That is the most aurasome gift you can ever have!

So how can a present do this for you? It does it by giving you a deeper inner loving tantric experience where you get to connect with your Soul, the true essence of who you are. And there's nothing to be worried about because the Aura Shining experience, is a very gentle loving experience that makes you feel safe and protected and of course, at the end the also have a beautiful painting of your shining Aura onto your T-shirt.

What is tantra?

You maybe thinking that tantric experiences are only sexual, but don't worry about that either because tantra is a practice that helps people open their heart and connect on a deeper Soul level. It's actually about creating deeper intimacy with yourself, your partner and your community around you.

So tantra is not just about sex, it's about feeling oneness and a deeper connection which can also be applied in sexuality. Tantra is a massive practice of which sexuality is one part of it. It also important to be about that Sex is also commonly used as an abbreviation to refer to sexual intercourse. Whereas your sexuality refers to the total expression of who you are as a human being, your femaleness or your maleness.

Aura Shining Ibiza - going inward
Aura Shining Ibiza - going inward

What does it mean to go inward?

To keep it simple, it can be when you wake up in the morning laying in bed, contemplating about your life, that is going inward. Taking time to be with your own thoughts and thinking about what you would like to achieve with your wonderful life, or just going for a walk in nature and being present with your feelings and thinking about special things. If you meditate, this is the best way to go inward, to find your inner peace and stillness. There you can bring your attention to what you want to create in your life.

Going inward is really about taking the time to be still and become aware of your thoughts. The aim is to focus on having positive thoughts about yourself and about others. By doing this you can start focusing on all the beautiful things in your life, and all the amazing things about yourself. The more you do this, the more you remember what a wonderful person you are! When you start to do this everyday it can really help you get through stressful situations because you have more inner peace and more patience. Eventually the more you become present within, with your thoughts, so you can change them into self-loving thoughts.

The benefits of deeply loving and appreciating yourself

Once you can start loving yourself, feeling worthy and appreciated, then others will start to feel the same about you. Slowly as your attitude transforms about yourself, others will start to see you in a new light too. So I trust that you are now seeing why this is such a magnificent present!

The Aura Shining experience is like a key which can gently open an inner door so you can feel a beautiful loving energy flowing within you. This loving energy is a Higher Love, or a Divine Love which is unconditional love. This love can guide you through your life so you receive greater awareness and clarity for making important decisions. It can support you with feeling more valued and appreciated so you can have, for example, more success in business. And the more love you feel within, so the more love you can feel from others. Your friendships become more authentic, making friend with people who really care about you.

So your Aura Shining experience opens the door so you can see what is there within you and know what is possible for you when you wish to embrace it. When you embrace the Divine Love which is within you start living in this loving vibe all time! You stop feeding the worries, the fear and the doubts, instead you start living in love.

And when it comes to meeting your life partner, you will stop falling in love because instead you start rising in love! And making love becomes a way of being with your partner, rather than an act you perform in the bedroom. When you embody Divine Love, you embrace your inner Divine Lover. Your whole life experience becomes a more loving, compassionate and pleasurable journey as you love life and you love being alive.

You appreciate time spent with your partner, you wish to understand him/her on a deeper level because you love the feeling of being deeply connected with each other as Soul Mates, companions, lovers. Sharing energy with one another is a deeply loving pleasurable experience that builds up to the sexual experience that is coming. And in your sexual experiences you become more sensual, more sexual and more passionate as you tune into yourself and each other, deeper. You can explore each other's sexual fantasies because you are so in tune with each other! You can even have fun healing your darkside with playful safe sex kinky activities that ignite your flames of desire for each other even further!

You feel like you are living an orgasmic life together, full of laughter, tears, playfulness, exploration, adventure, and jollity as well as deeply sharing and opening up to each other to heal emotional wounds and grow stronger together as one. Life becomes a Union of Souls. When the Light within is turned on by the presence of each other, then it is a match is made in heaven.

So the Aura Shining experience is the key to this magic door, one which you can open and walk through at any time. But doing it on your Birthday is a great way to celebrate your wise decision!


You can now follow me on the InsightTimer platform where I share a new guided-mediation each week to assist in gaining a deeper connection with your inner Divine Lover (Soul).

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