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Fri, Apr 22



Aura Shining for the Bedroom

The Deeper you can connect with your own Soul during sex, the deeper you can connect with someone else's.

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Aura Shining for the Bedroom
Aura Shining for the Bedroom

Time & Location

Apr 22, 2022, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


About the event

Do you want to be a more intimate lover in the bedroom but feel uncomfortable about talking about your fantasies? Do you feel any shame or guilt associated with having sex? Do you know what Soul Sex is and how to experience it? Do you feel ashamed to talk about self-pleasuring? Do you want to have a deeper more sensual loving relationship with yourself so you can have the same with someone else? 

Soul sex starts with by having a deeper connection with your self through self-love and self-pleasuring. This brings you out of the lower vibrations of shame and guilt which have been conditioned into your life regarding sex and your sexuality. When you feel liberated sexually you can shift the sexual enegery around your sacred body temple to feel happier, more vibrant and more confident. This has a very positive effect on your whole life! 

Once you start feeling comfortable about having soul sex with yourself in the phyical world, then you start to experience it in your dreamworld, so that the next day you feel super charged with the loving vibes and you can experience all types of fantasies in your dreamworld that feel real to your 5 senses. This is the untold truth about embracing and loving your Soul, so once you can do it with yourself, then you open the door to do it with another, in a way that you feel in alignment with. 

Leading the Discussion

As a Divine Man, I feel that it is my responsibility to open up and hold the sacred space for these conversations to happen with women. I am encouraging other men to join the conversation too and also encouraging people who attend these workshops to copy the format and hold similar events in their our networks.

This period of the Great Awakening is known as the Shining. It is where we walk through our fear and into the Light. Working together in this way we learn how to pump up our energy between us to accelerate our Awakening.

Because of my own sexual trauma and healing process, I feel comfortable talking about sex in a conscious way to open up the discussion whilse making women feel safe. It's also important that we can talk about sex without any expectation of an outcome, just enjoy being in the moment and tune in with your emotions. So be aware of them and feel safe to talk about what you are feeling and why in the moment. We are here to learn from each other, this is how we evolve. So it's important to be honest and speak from your heart.


The main structure is that we will start to a short guided-mediation to be fully present in the moment. Then we set our intentions before I start the open discussion. I lead by talking about my own experiences and how I handled my shame and guilt, and what what I did to rise into love. As things resonate with you, I invite you to join the conversation and share from your own experiences that you wish to heal.


- What is your inner Divine Lover?

- How do you embrace your inner Divine Lover?

- How do you shine your Aura in the bedroom to raise above shame & guilt?

- How do I heal my sexual trauma and own my sexuality to shine in the bedroom? 

- What are the different elements of Soul Sex? 

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is for men and women who are interested in spirituality and/or tantra and want to go deeper on their Soul Path in getting to know themselves. It's good to have an open heart and mind too. 

Rules regarding this space

- Always respect other people who are talking and sharing

- Everything shared in this space, stays in this space

- Refrain from judging anyone in this space, be open-minded and open-hearted

Life is an internal experience, so the deeper you can connect with yourself, the deeper you can connect with others. This is the big secret and the reason why self-love and soul sex are crucial for becoming more intimate with your partner or partner to be. 


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