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Background: Education in England

Richard Voller, 51, was born in Leicester in the England in 1971. 


His mother insisted on him attending the Montessori School in Amsterdam, when they moved approved because of his father's work. His parents took great fun in making their upbringing a very very magical and wonderful experience which would have a positive effective of the rest of Richard´s . Tradition and family values were very important to his parents, as was keeping the family life together, no matter what. 

After living in the Netherlands for 7 years, the family returned to the South of England, living in Camberley and then moving to the idyllic countryside area around Frenshdam, Farnham and Alton. Richard then attended the private schools of Amesbury Prep School (Hinhead) before going to Pierrepoint private school and afterward attending Alton 6th Form College. In 1998, Richard went to study for his BA (Hons) at Southampton Solent University and finally graduating in Media & Journalism in 2000. He moved to the Netherlands and started working for FT 500 companies such as Canon Inc and KCI Medical at Head Office level in Corporate Affairs and European Public Relations. 

Family Connections:

During this time him Uncle, Frederic Allen, served in the special forces and was honoured the OBE and MBE by the Queen of England at Buckingham Palace. He died of cancer in 1999. Whilst his his mother, Jill Voller, excelled at her Social Services work, eventually becoming a T Manager and having her name embossed on a plaque at Basingstoke & Horthmpshine Hospital for doing in 2006. They were both highly inspirational people in his young adjunct life. 


The Spiritual Journey

In 2010, Richart rejected the corporate world and decided to completely leave and following a holistic path. Here he had to rediscovered everything about himself as a more emotional, mental and spiritual being. He travelled to India to learn about meditation, but he also discovered an amazing country and culture full of heart richness. On discovering that the spiritual journey is within, Richart was able to start to re-develop his Art Therapy work and focus more Aura Awareness. 


Ceremonies & Birth day Celebrations in Ibiza

From 2010 to 2019, Richart was travelling around Europe meeting with clients in Ibiza to give original and authentic Aura Shining ceremonies for people´ s private birthdays as well as exclusive events. Many clients booked private ceremonies with Richart for a weekend in a special location. During the pandemic, he lived in finca in the mountains around Valencia and visited Ibiza in Spain. In 2021, he was invited to paint the radiant Aura of Nightmares on Wax for his 50th Birthday celebrations at his home in Ibiza.   


Cancer Diagnosis & Charity Fundraising work

n October 2022, Richart was diagnosed with terminal cancer and he decided to return to live in south of England. By early February 2023, he had raised over £1,000 for the Ark Cancer charity at Basingstoke Hospital and donated his Aura painting which was made whilst in hospital to Rainbow unit on the chemotherapy ward. 


In the Press

Because Richart´s work is pushing boundaries, you will see more and more of him and is work in the press. Here are just a few recent examples. 

NightMares on Wax.jpg

Spirit & Destiny magazine

Spirit & Destiny - Richart.jpg
Spirit & Destiny page 2.png



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