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Meet RichArt 

The Aura Expert

RichArt in the Press

RichArt is known at the Aura Expert as he know everything that you need to know about your Aura when you think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration.


RichArt started Aura Painting in 2'010, after working in the corporate world at hrs office level for 10 years in the Netherlands. After experiencing his mother passing away suddenly from cancer, he decided to transform his life and walk a more conscious path of self-discovery,. It was on this journey that he discovered Auras after reading about aura awareness in the book, the Celestine Prophecy. 


From 2010 to 2019, he travelled the world painting the Auras of beautiful people, uplifting and inspiring them to reach their full potential. During the pandemic, he lived in Valencia and Ibiza in Spain, where he was invited to paint the radiant Aura of Nightmares on Wax for his 50th Birthday celebrations.   


His life story was first captured in a feature interview in the UK´s no 1 spiritual magazine, "Spirit & Destiny" in 2020. It was a 4 page feature interview in the Real Lives section.


Interviewed for Ibiza Lucky Life TV in November 2021. 

And in August 2022, his aura painting work appeared in NATIV IBIZA lifestyle magazine. 

In October 2022, RichArt was diagnosed with terminal cancer and he decided to donate all funds raised from the sale of his Aura Shining paintings and his Aura Trauma work to Cancer charities in the UK.


In January 2023, RichArt was video interviewed for That's TV on Freeview Channel 7 about the fund-raising project he is doing for Basingstoke Hospital. He has currently raised £623 with a target of £700. The painting will be hung in the Chemotherapy area of the Rainbow unit on site.

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Spirit & Destiny magazine

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