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Guest Article published on the Family Friendly Working website. 

The article is for parents who want to know the 3 most important things about your aura when bringing up kids.

Click here to read the article.  

UK Health Radio - Therapy Suite

Interview with Gavin J about Aura Awareness.  Talking as Richart ‘The Aura Expert’ because I assist people to become aware of their aura and learn how to clean it from negative energy so they can shine.

Listen to interview.

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Made in England

Aura Expert That Paints For Charity 

Abi Scaife of Smiley Movement / Smiley News

Known as the Aura Expert, Richart is on a mission to raise as much money for charities as possible.

After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, Richart spent six weeks in Basingstoke Hospital. Now given six months to three years to live, he’s decided to use that time to give back – turning his talent into a way to raise funds for charity.

Click here to read the article.

painted hands.jpg

Artist with terminal cancer paints aura mural in hospital for charity

Basingstoke Gazette 

Emily Roberts

AN ARTIST who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer will have his work put on permanent display at Basingstoke hospital after he inspired patients and staff during his stay.

Click here to read the article.

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As seen in:


Watch videos 
and Discover How Your
Aura works!  

Everyone has an Aura but most people don't have a clue what it is, how it works and why it's an essential part of your life! 


As the Aura Expert, I encourage you to become more aware of your Aura. The first step is to stop thinking of it in terms of what colour it is. Start thinking of it as being your energetic self that vibrates on different frequencies according to your mood and your    

re-actions to other people and situations. The vibes emitted from your Aura can affect your Behaviour, your Health, your Relationships, your Job and even how you Dress. So your Aura has a lot of influence over you, whether you are conscious of it, or not. 


But the good news is that by paying attention to your Aura, you can transform your vibes, especially if they are negative, into positive and uplifting ones. Everyone has Aura Trauma and needs to first work on cleaning and healing the negative energy trapped in their Auric Field. The Aura is an electroMAGNETIC field of energy that attracts similar types of energy. Likes attracts Like. So about 90% of Humanity on Planet Earth have an Aura which has a lot of negative energy in it. Everyone is working on trying to become less aggressive or angry, less worried, less judgemental. Everyone has something negative in their Aura that they have to transform into something good. Like attracts Like. If we don´ t transform the energy in our Aura, then we keep on attracting more of the same of it into our lives. This is where most people go wrong and why they keep on being in difficult relationships and being surrounded by negative people.


Through Aura Awareness you learn that first you have to heal and clean your Aura Trauma, only then can you change what you are. You see, first you have to transform your energy from negative into positive. That's the secret. Like attracts Like.

your aura affects....jpg

Below: Video Testimonial Aura Shining Painting live experience

With Richart, you can follow his pathway to Freedom & Abundance...

Reset Your Mind for Aurasomeness 

- Being a limitless energetic being of positive energy! 

Heal your

Aura Trauma and live in-love in the present. 

Create your

Aura Love Bubble of protection to live in it

24/7 365.

Visualise & Feel your Aura by sacred Aura Shining experience!


aftercare with Aura Awareness 


Learning about your Aura 

So once you stop just thinking about your Aura as "What colour is it?" and instead think to your Aura as being associated with the following aspects of your life, such as "Why do I feel so happy around this person?" or "Why does this other person make me feel out of balance?" or "Why do I really feel that I don't want to go to this party?", then you start to understand why your Aura is important. 


Your Aura is connected to your feelings and emotions. As an energetic being, you vibrate on different frequencies. Each frequency is a different colour. So think of your Aura as your vibe. Depending on what frequency you vibe on, depends on what you attract into your life. Like attracts Like. 

So once you have worked on doing your inner healing work and cleaned your Aura Trauma, then you are in a position to generate your new Aura Love Bubble that can protect you and keep you safe. Becoming aware of your Aura and cleaning it, is essential when you want to start manifesting the life of your dreams, otherwise you'll keep attracting everything you don't want into your life as the unhealed negative energy is still in your Auric Field. 

Listen to my podcast shows on Insight Timer app

In 2023, I am going to focusing my InsightTimer podcasts on how to heal your Aura Trauma and how to generate your new Aura Love Bubble. I will sharing wisdom and knowledge from my own experiences.  


When you are living 24/7 365 in your Aura Love Bubble, not worried by what others think you, then your Aura is constantly shining because you are living in a higher vibration. You are raising the vibration of people you meet. Your Aura amplifies the good mood feelings in everyone you touch and meet. You inspire people. Your Aura is in balance and harmony with nature. You are in full alignment with Source. You are Shining as One. 

Aura Shining Painting hanging at Basingstoke Hospital. 
The Soul by Richart.jpg

Aura Shining painting experience  

It is a common fact that many people would like to experience what it is like to live in their Aura Love Bubble for 24hrs, before living in it all the time. 


For people who want to have a 24hr experience of being in their Aura Love Bubble and Shining, I have created the Aura Shining painting experience. 

This is a sacred experience which honours your heart, your soul and your spirit, all in the energy of your Aura. The Aura Shining painting experience deeply connects you with your emotions, your feelings and your intuition. It is a hands-on experience where you will be touched by art as you Aura Shines.


You will need to wear a black garment of your choosing, such as a black t-shirt or dress, onto which RichArt can paint your Aura. It can be experienced as a small group of 4 people or even better, just on your own.


Below is an overview of what is involved in the Aura Shining painting experience:

  • Cacaco Ceremony

  • Guided-Meditation using the Moses Code

  • Affirmation using the Moses Code

  • Aura Shining activation

  • Aura painting onto clothing 

Aura Shining Jackets  

Denim Jacket

In May 2022, Richart started painting Auras onto denim jackets, to make very special items of clothing for people who love to shine. These unique and original Aura Shining Jackets are for people who love to be in the spotlight. Ideal for lead singers, fashion models, and other extroverted people. 

Photos below: Ian McDonald, Lead Singer of The Brand New Hippies (Ibiza) wearing an Aura Shining denim jacket created by Richart.

Ian McDonald denim jacket.jpg
Ian 2.jpg
Ian McDonald denim jacket 2.jpg

Aura Awareness is the key to your empowerment


Start learning and discovering today! 

“I had my aura painted and it was such amazing experience, Richart is incredible at tuning in and making you feel at ease and relaxed such enjoyable experience and love my our painting super insightful as well as my power animal shone through as well thank you."

- Stacy Harris
ibiza, Spain 

I had a magical Aura painting experience. RichArt is kind, talented and excellent to work with. RichArt really cared about my feelings and he was very flexible with scheduling. At the end of the session I was grounded, at peace and elevated all at the same time. This experience definitely brought me closer to my highest self. Thank you, RichArt for honouring your Calling. I recommend anyway to try Aura painting by RichArt. You will not be disappointed.


"From my online experience with RichArt Llover Aura Awareness painting, my heart speaks. Amazing, absolutely amazing!!

Mayra Alba-Chartier,
based in the USA

“"I had the pleasure of creating a beautiful Auri & Yogi event with Richart. It was amazing to feel and see what this day did to all of our participants, but also I had the opportunity to experience it myself. When Richart started I felt this warm energy flowing, my eyes shaked of all the energy and an enormous smile was there on my face. I can not express. I really would say, have a look at the pictures because they really speak! like walking on air, I felt so peaceful, loved and shining! it is a deep intens experience. So give yourself this wonderful gift and try it out yourself!""

Chris Vleeschouwers
Valencia, Spain

Aura Shining painting.jpg

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